Ep 1: Highland Brewery







Tasting Notes from Highland Brewery

Highland Stargazer Ale

Travis: Ginger nose, light white ale, ginger and coriander come through strong

Andrew: Light bouquet, good spice notes, good white ale

Verdict: Good example of a spiced white ale

Gaelic Ale

Travis: Malty and roasty nose, good example of style, no-nonsense amber

Andrew: Malty nose, nice dark caramel color, solid amber ale

Verdict: Good example of an amber ale, even if uninspired, give it a try

Mandarina IPA

Travis: Light IPA, Citrus nose, notes of orange peel and pith, refreshing

Andrew: Lemony backend, great post-mow hot weather IPA

Verdict: Good hot weather IPA, light and citrusy, recommend for a hot day


Travis: Heavy dank nose, resinous taste and piney, not as bitter as advertised, very clear

Andrew: Dank nose, not too bitter or citrusy, a touch of spice, light color

Verdict: Favorite of the 4 ales tasted. New to us, but highly recommend others to try

Oatmeal Porter

Travis: Carbonated and thin for a porter, roasty and caramel nose, roasty chocolate and coffee

Andrew: A touch thin, but this helps enjoyment, coffee tones

Verdict: Our favorite from Highlands and one of our favorite porters overall

Black Mocha Stout

Travis: Slightly smokey nose, smokey for a stout, got mocha on backend, thin for a stout

Andrew: Roasty nose, smokey flavor on the backend, coffee on backend

Verdict: A thinner stout, but the smoke and coffee come through nicely, recommend to all stout fans

Final Notes on Highland

Highland does not make a bad beer. Everything Highland brews is good for the style, if uninspiring. If you are interested in trying new beers that will not branch too far out of a particular style Highland is a great beer to grab, unfortunately the beer is just not overly exotic and does not stay top of mind. Both IPAs and the darker beers are our favorites, but the others are good examples of their styles. However, if you find it, give it a try and definitely swing by the brew pub!

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