Episode 2: Wicked Weed Brewing


Tasting Notes from Wicked Weed

Lunatic Blonde

Golden blonde color with clove and Belgium yeast notes on the nose. Could not find the “biscuit” flavor, but a nice lighter beer for a hot day.

Napoleon Complex

Small beer in terms of alcohol, but very hoppy on the nose, with multiple hop aromas. Begins peppery, but ends with a nice citrus/orange zest. Good hoppy pale ale.


Previously East Side or Die, but a flagship West Coast style IPA. A little skunky/dank, with no real malt discernible. Effervescent and a little peppery and resinous. Not piney at all, but a good representation of a hoppy IPA.

Freak of Nature

Not as bitter as expected with a rated 100 IBUs. The nose is slightly herbaceous, and there is a big hop profile. Thick and sweet, as it is a Double IPA, but less bitter than the Pernicious. Also comes in gluten free version, the Gluten Freak.

Fille de Ferme

Brett brewed farmhouse saison, nice yeast and funk nose. The front end is sour like a Sour Patch Kid, but not sour on the backend. Mellow backend allows for subtle bits of orange and honeysuckle.

Black Angel

Black color like a porter, but the sour cherry nose is very overpowering. Sour cherry taste is extremely strong and masks the bourbon tones. Oak was subtle to non-existent, this is a tart cherry ale and misses some of the subtle tones.

Final Thoughts on Wicked Weed

Wicked Weed has fantastic can art based in hops and creates a very unique design seen throughout their beers, regardless of style. Lots of variety and the beers are all good, even as they make some odd flavor choices. While we have reservations due to them selling out, the sour beer and Funkatorium are still unique and should be tasted.

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