Episode 3: Foothills Brewing

Foothills Blog

Tasting Notes From Foothills

Tangled Vine Berry Rose

Clear color with a slight pink tint. Effervescent and bubbly, feels slightly over carbonated. Strawberry and cherry tones come through but not the tart cranberries. Good fruit ale, and not overly sweet at least up front.

Torch Pilsner

Bronze winner of the GABF, clear and bubbly in color. Is of the Bohemian Pilsner style, and is a great example of a pilsner. No distinct tones and a slight bitterness, and no overt honey tones, which Andrew greatly appreciates.

Thousand Smiles

New year round golden ale. Effervescent and light Belgium yeast nose. Easy drinking beer, very light on the palate. Non-offensive golden ale that is a great example of a simple golden ale.

Hop Job

Session IPA, uses a nice hop blend.Very hop forward on the nose with nice floral and citrus tones. The citrus and grapefruit tones are strong on the palate and finished with a nice bitterness. Excellent session IPA.

Hoppyum IPA

Foothills most popular beer. Sweet malt profile complements the hops well. The nose has a nice tangerine/clementine burst. Flavor wise, heavy citrus, mostly clementine, and a bit sweet due to the malt prevents it from being overly bitter.

Jade IPA

Gold winner at the NC Brewer’s Cup. A three-hop IPA with a nice bitterness that masks the alcohol. Peppery finish, but the overall flavor profile is more tropical fruit less citrus, mostly mango.

People’s Porter

Roasty nose due to the English style and one of our favorite porters. Smooth flavor profile with good toffee tones and slight coffee bitterness. Highly recommend this beer as well as the BBA and Moravian varieties.

Final Thoughts on Foothills Brewing

This brewery makes good beer and we highly recommend if you can find it. Like Highland, there is not a bad beer in the line-up and with the addition of new styles it appears that Foothills is looking to expand. The Hop Job, Hoppyum, Jade, and People’s Porter were all personal favorites and the others were great examples of their style. If in Winston-Salem, go to Foothills Brewpub for the beer and great food, and if you find it on draft do yourself a favor and order a pint.

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