Episode 4: The Unknown Brewing


Tasting Notes From The Unknown Brewing Company

Feather Light

Light craft beer, low calorie and low alcohol. Nose smells like a standard Berliner Weisse, with a slight tart nose. Slightly tart beer, and great for a hot day, not a ton of flavor, but the flavor that is there comes through.

Ginger Wheat

Seasonal wheat ale, and the nose has slight ginger root smell but is mostly citrus tones. The taste is just like a nice ginger ale. Not particularly effervescent, slightly cloudy and golden color. Good ginger wheat ale that was surprisingly refreshing.


Designed for pregaming at the Carolina Panthers football games. Session IPA, with a slight piney aroma, very mild aroma more like a resin. More effervescent than expected and strong pine on the palate. Not bitter with nice malt tones and a nice crispness.

Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

Low alcohol American IPA. Uses hop-bursting to create a more aromatic beer without impacting bitterness. Very aromatic, with a nice heavy nose similar to a milkshake IPA. Citrus tones and low to no bitterness in the flavor, easy drinking and tasty.

Over The Edge

Another American IPA that uses hop-bursting. The malt bill is powerful on the nose, giving it a sweet aroma, similar to honey. No honey on the palate, however unlike most IPAs it tastes more like an amber ale with a nice citrus and pine finish. Very unique for an IPA

Final Thoughts on The Unknown Brewing Company

This is definitely worth trying, and we enjoyed the Scratch ‘n’ Sniff and Feather Light the most. The brewpub is a nice experience and the upcoming distillery sound like great future experiences. The culture they are pushing is unique and they seem focused on future growth and we would recommend trying any Unknown beer you find.

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