Episode 5: Brüeprint Brewing

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Tasting Notes Brüeprint


American style lager, that is relatively new and the nose reminds us of Coors Banquet with more fruit tones. Sweet, malty, and smooth lager, great for a tailgate or just for easy sipping. Clean beer helps with easy drinking and we would recommend for an early season tailgate.

Pale Brüe Eyes

The nose is somewhat citrusy and fruity. The flavor is not citrus but fruit forward, something between a  strawberry and dragonfruit or yuzu. We could not determine the fruit profile, but it is very crisp. Light and refreshing fruit flavors and no real bitterness. Very good beer that we would recommend.

Saison de Brüe

Yeast nose with tones of sweet corn. Good fig and honey flavors, with neither overpowering the other, creating a nice balance of sweetness. Nice and effervescent with a slight peppery backend.

Brüe Scarlet

Unique nose compared to other amber ales we have tasted and the malt is not as pronounced. The flavor profile is very complimentary to the nose, but still unique. The flavor morphs from piney to toasty and a slight bitter aftertaste. The toast helps clean the pallet. This is a very different amber ale and we would highly recommend.

Brüe Diamond

The nose is mostly fresh cut grapefruit, but the flavor is citrus forward and transitions to pine. The malt prevents this beer from being too bitter and is a good introductory IPA.


Tall but light head to the beer. Roasty notes both on the nose and in the taste. Slight caramel notes, with a little baker’s chocolate on the backend. Cannot determine the floral notes, but a nice brown ale that is perfect for a campfire.


Nose is light, and sweet. Flavor wise, sweet but light on smoke, which makes a nice smooth scotch ale. Getting some biscuit and chocolate/marshmallow tones on the backend. This is one of Andrew’s favorite Wee Heavy’s as it is not strong or boozy, and is great introductory scotch ale.

Final Thoughts on Brüeprint Brewing

Thanks again to Eric Wagner for joining us and we would definitely recommend visiting the brewery in Apex, NC. We found the Pale Brue Eyes, Brue Scarlet, and Brue Diamond were unique and a welcome change compared to other beers, yet they still remained true to their style. All of the beers are clearly made well and all of them are approachable, but complex, for any pallet.
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