Episode 6: Mother Earth Brewing


Tasting Notes Mother Earth

Park Day

One of their older recipes and uses a simple recipe to help the malt and hops carry the day. The nose is malt and sweet, not overly hoppy. Crisp and clean biscuit flavor and is a good pilsner with a good malt build.

Weeping Willow Wit

Slightly spiced nose and good yeast notes. Coriander and citrus are the predominant aromas. The beer is spiced well using coriander, and creates a nice drinking beer. Slight banana tones, but mostly coriander and citrus flavors. If you like witbier then this is a good version.

Endless River

Nice crisp Kolsch style with a lot of citrus tones on the nose. The citrus in the flavor is clearly lemon, and leaves a nice cleaned pallet. Andrew described it as the lemon sorbet of beers, Travis likes the crisp, clean finish.

Blackbeard’s Booty

Spring seasonal that donates money to the NC Arts Council for every purchase. Very fruity and hoppy nose. Tastes more like an IPA than a blonde ale, with more bitter and resinous tones, which makes a very good beer.

Berliner Weisse

Summer seasonal with an amazing nose that is slightly tart and fruity tones. The nose alone entices the senses, with citrus and grape notes. It tastes a little more sour than expected and the pluots (plum/apricot hybrid) create a very unique flavor profile. By far our favorite from this tasting.

Dark Cloud

Dark German lager (Dunkel Lager), with a very nice amber/caramel color. Nice malty nose with a hint of smoke. Light feeling beer, but a nice smoke flavor with a slight sweetness which creates a nice balance.

Sisters of the Moon

Nose is slightly citrus, pine, malt, and funk which creates an odd aroma. The malt mellows out and removes most of the bitterness from the hops. The hop-back technique gives extra hop aromas and flavors to this beer and helps balance the malt.

Final Thoughts on Mother Earth Brewing

Thank you to Trent, Josh, and Amy for answering some of our questions for this episode. If you are traveling through Kinston, NC we would definitely recommend stopping by Mother Earth and seeing it for yourself. We enjoyed all the beers from Mother Earth, however the Berliner Weisse was our favorite. Mother Earth is very environmentally conscious and really care about their town. Everything was good for the style and they brew many styles that are not normal in the US microbrewery scene.

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