Episode 7: Oskar Blues


Tasting Notes Oskar Blues

Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Pilsner with a nice malty and floral nose with a unique hop bite on the back end. The hop build balances the sweeter malts and crisps the backend well.


Lighter hop build and good malt build creates a smooth balanced beer. Tropical fruit notes come through well on the nose and the pineapple shines on the tongue. Buttered bread on the backend creates a unique mouthfeel.

Dale’s Pale Ale

The flagship beer for Oskar Blues is a very bitter pale ale. Light nose, between a mild malt or neutral smell. The taste is hoppy with a nice malt build. Maltier and thicker than expected, very agreeable beer. No one flavor comes out too strong, but the balance is strong.


Unique for a flagship American IPA. Uses only southern hemisphere hops and has a unique malt build. This creates a nose with a juicy sweet aroma, mostly citrus. The flavor has a nice blend of pineapple and citrus, unfortunately the passion fruit is light and the raspberries could not be tasted, however this is a good tropical IPA.


Mosaic hops bring out a great tangerine aroma. The Japanese Yuzu and Jamaican Ugli fruit blend well giving the beer a wonderful tangerine flavor with a touch of blueberry on the front end. Very refreshing and unique compared to the normal IPA and nice change in pace.

Old Chub

Very smoky nose that reminds us of Scotch whiskey. Earthy and peat tones come out strong in the nose. This continues on the tongue as this wee heavy bites like a whiskey. Flavors we profiled included a nice dark chocolate tones and this beer is not sweet compared to other scotch ales.

Death by Coconut

This collab beer has a very strong coconut aroma, similar to a German Chocolate cake. The flavor though has a nice blend of chocolate, coconut, and almond. This beer has a great balance on the palate that makes even people who do not like coconut enjoy this beer.

Final Thoughts on Oskar Blues Brewing

A big thank you to Aaron Baker from Oskar Blues for taking part in our interview, and please head out to Burning Can in Brevard, NC on August 10. Each of the beers was a unique twist on the standard style with good balance all around between malt sweetness and hop bitterness. The culture and lifestyle of Oskar Blues is to go outside and explore wilderness, and their beers reflect that. We enjoyed each of the beers and highly recommend Oskar Blues if you are looking for a good beer.


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