Episode 8: Sierra Nevada


Tasting Notes Sierra Nevada

Otra Vez

Sierra Nevada’s take on the Gose style, and has a nice tart and salty characteristic. The grapefruit is light, but the cactus comes through. Citrus and effervescent, this is a great beer for a hot day.


A no-nonsense beer that has an unexpectedly hoppy nose that is citrussy. The palate is light on flavor, which is to be expected from a golden ale. A good Beer For Drinking as the name implies.

Pale Ale

A fairly hoppy pale, that is not very bitter. The nose is light, however the flavor is powerful. This is a nice go to no frills pale ale. The color is dark for a pale ale, but still not a dark as expected. Slight peppercorn bite on the backend.

Hazy Little Thing

Very juicy haze/New England IPA. The color is a nice opaque orange. The aroma is sweet like a tropical fruit and citrus juice. The palate is tropical and fruity and leaves you with a sweet flavor. The mouthfeel is extremely juicy.

Torpedo Extra IPA

Very hop forward IPA with aromas of pine resin. Due to the torpedo process the beer is not as bitter as expected from to the amount of hops. The flavor is more pine with a clean herbaceous back-end.


This beer is overly hopped on purpose and it shows. The nose is very strong with mostly cedar/softwood and citrus tones. It is not as sweet as expected of the style, which is a plus. The beer itself is fairly astringent, and the hops overpower any other flavor. The mouthfeel is thick and coats the mouth.


Big robust barleywine with a nice deep amber color reminding us of a brown or scotch ale. Travis did not enjoy this beer, however the the thick mouthfeel is well balanced with the caramel flavors and hop build. From Travis: “Barley-wines are a mix of different kinds of beer that when alone I enjoy, but when blended together I do not enjoy.” This beer is a large robust flavor, similar to a Tripple and Scotch Ale blend.

Final Thoughts on Sierra Nevada Brewing

Try all the beer and visit their breweries. They make excellent beer and have a great brewery. They practice environmentalism to an extreme degree and it shows in the quality of their beer. It is easy to find several Sierra Nevada beers regardless of where you buy beer, and we recommend trying Sierra Nevada Brewing.


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