Episode 9: New Belgium


Tasting Notes New Belgium

Fat Tire White

Nice Belgian white ale with notes of orange and coriander on the nose. Cloudy and refreshing beer, where the palate and nose match perfectly in flavor. Very good white ale.

Fat Tire

New Belgium’s flagship beer. Light green apple nose and flavor, but the malt covers up most of the apple tones. The flavor is nice and smooth with a slight hop burst in the middle, but ends on a malt flavor. Good beer if you are not into craft beer and are looking to try.

Citradelic IPA

A very citrus forward nose with hints of pineapple and orange. The pine is very subtle on the nose. The flavor is extremely strong tangerine flavor with a great bitter backend that helps mellow out the sweetness on the front.

The Hemperor HPA

The first Hemp Pale Ale from New Belgium. The nose is extremely strong and is noticeable just from opening the bottle. The nose is almost exclusively weed/skunk/dank but the flavor is completely different than the bouquet. Sweet and bitter mix well in the flavor profile and make a lovely palate pleaser, if you get over the nose of course.

Voodoo Ranger Guava Spruce Double IPA

This double IPA has a nose of spruce and grass and is not overly sweet for a double IPA. The bitterness builds on the palate, starting small but finishing with a strong spruce flavor. The guava and mango tones are on the front end, but quickly fade to spruce/pine flavors.


This Schwarzbier or black lager is a great example of the style. The nose includes a ton of good flavors coffee, chocolate, dark fruits, and a bit of spice. Flavor profile of dark chocolate with notes of black currants and other dark fruits much like a dark roast coffee.

Oscar in Blackberry Whiskey Barrels

The nose is deceptively sweet, but the blackberry flavor comes strong. Oak and sour flavors abound with a faint whiskey burn. Exceptionally sour dark ale.

Final Thoughts on New Belgium Brewing

Thank you again to Mike Craft for our interview. We highly recommend heading out to Tour de Fat on September 22, in Asheville, NC. All of the beers are excellent and well made with unique flavors and the sour beers are something everyone should try. Try some New Belgium today, there is something for everyone.

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