Episode 10: Clown Shoes Brewing

Clown Shoes blogTasting Notes from Clown Shoes

Baked Goods – Session Pale Ale

Good hop forward nose with a touch of floral and pine notes and citrus tones as well. The flavor reminds us of Founders Azacca. It is not very bitter, but the hop flavors are very good and robust, more like a session IPA rather than a pale ale.


Bubble Farm – IPA 

Light bubble gum sweetness on the nose, like a double bubble. The flavor is bubble gum and sweet without a hop bitterness to balance out. Not a favorite of the pod.

Reindeer Games – Bavarian/Red IPA

Nice dark amber color with a heavy malt nose. Some roasty notes on the palate, but the malt is very strong. The hops do balance the malt somewhat. The can art for this beer is amazing.

Zebra Jon – Double IPA

Our can was compromised and the beer was flat, so this review is not complete. Tropical fruit nose with good mango and guava notes. Both flavors are discernible with a slight salty characteristic.

Galactica – Double IPA

Great nose with passionfruit tones. More bitter than the previous IPAs we tasted. Flavors include passionfruit and citrus with a good building citrus. This was a very good beer.

IMG_2254The Barista – Brown Ale

Nice dark color, with a solid espresso nose. A little sweetness from the milk sugar, makes this a bit thicker and sweeter than expected. The flavor is very coffee forward and lingers on the palate, creating more of a latte feel in the mouth with some almond tones on the backend.

Chocolate Sombrero – Mexican Style Stout

Chili on the front of the nose with a subtle vanilla backend. The beer was a little thin with very little vanilla tones in the flavor. We also tasted some nice smoky chili flavor, but all in all the flavor was very muted and made for a disappointing beer experience. This beer does come in barrel-aged versions, which we think would be much better as such.

Final Thoughts on Clown Shoes Brewing

This was a mixed bag of beers for us. The lack of a flagship beer is interesting, and all the beers are examples of extreme American brewing. This means that some are going to be winners, while others may disappoint. It also means that choosing on style is not a good option. When the beers are good, they are great, however the extreme brewing leads to duds for any given palate. If you like pushing boundaries, this is a brewery for you.

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