Episode 11: Founders Brewing


Tasting Notes from Founders Brewing

PC Pils

Very hoppy nose, unlike any pilsner we have reviewed to date. Tastes a lot like the Founders All-Day IPA, and if you are looking for a traditional pilsner this is not the beer for you. Very different from any pilsner we have tasted and is extremely hop forward.

Solid Gold Lager

A great pool/beach/hot day beer. This is a true lager, with a nice smooth flavor and nose. Much more malt flavors and sweetness. A touch of white bread flavor on the backend, but all in all a nice light lager, perfect for a hot day.

Rubaeus Raspberry Beer

Lovely pink color and a nice raspberry nose, like a raspberry creamsicle. The version we tasted was not on nitro, however it is still very sweet and effervescent, more like a raspberry soda, with a touch of tartness on the backend.

Centennial IPA

Not our favorite single hop beer from Founders, but still has a nice floral nose with a touch of malt and resin on the nose as well. Flavor-wise, the malty sweetness is heavy on the front end, transitions to a bready flavor, then ends with a nice resiny finish. Not particularly bitter for an IPA.


Black color and nice tan head. Nose is heavy chocolate and caramel, in a good way. The bitterness that was expected was not there, but there is a lovely roasted chocolate flavor with a caramel finish. Really good balance with a nice bitter finish. Possibly our new favorite porter!

Dirty Bastard

Dark ruby color with a sweet and smoky nose. The nose is more like scotch than any other wee-heavy we have had. The smoke a peat shine through in this beer. Sweet and bitterness are balanced well and is a great balance for a scotch ale.

Sumatra Mountain Brown Ale

Nose is straight coffee bean with a touch of nuttyness. The color is a bit darker than most brown ales. The flavor is extremely similar to a cup of good black coffee with a touch of sweetness. As this is a limited release make sure you stock up!

Breakfast Stout

The nose is more muted like a mocha than pure coffee. This is a fairly thick coffee/oatmeal stout with a nice smooth finish. There is a touch of blueberry on the backend, due to the coffee used. This is a perfect cold-weather beer. The variants, Kentucky Breakfast Stout and Canadian Breakfast Stout are also excellent.

Final Thoughts on Founders Brewing

The beer is excellent. While we have some reservation about them no longer being an Independent Craft Brewery, the majority of the brewery is not owned by a macro-brewery. We enjoyed all the beers we had in this tasting and have enjoyed everything we have had from Founders in the past. This is a great brewery to try and we recommend their beer.

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