Episode 13: Sweetwater Brewing


Tasting Notes from Sweetwater Brewing

Twisted Fish

Good citrus nose with tones of herbs, with a slight peppercorn smell as well. Fairly hoppy pilsner, similar to the PC Pils from Founders. More bitter like a pale ale with a light malt build leads to a nice bitter and citrus flavor.

420 Extra Pale Ale

Not our favorite pale ale. Floral and fresh nose, but not too exciting. The flavor over powers, but not in a good way. This is a very harsh pale ale with floral and herbal flavors without any sweetness or citrus to balance out the hop bitterness.


The nose has a nice grapefruit and citrus tones with a good clean aroma. A lot more citrus flavors to this beer than the 420, which balances well in the malt and hops. This a good drinking IPA without a lot of fluff.

Goin’ Coastal

Very good tropical nose with papaya, guava, and mango. This is a very meaty IPA with flavors more like dried fruits including papaya, guava, mango, and pineapple, less like fresh tropical fruits. It is a quite tasty and truly delivers on the tropical IPA.

Triple Tail

With a very unique hop bill, this beer has a wonderful fruit forward nose. The flavor has a great passion fruit backend and pineapple tones. With a soft mouthfeel, the bitterness is not to be found on the backend, and this leads to a really good IPA that we cannot recommend enough.

Through the Brambles

The oak notes from the foeders are strong on the nose, leaving a nice tart blackberry with a slight vanilla aroma. This is a very tart beer and is quite sour. The oak from the foeders and the blackberry jam provide a wonderful sour beer that sits on the palette but cleans out your mouth with a nice bitterness on the backend. Our favorite from the tasting.

Final Thoughts on Sweetwater

We were not overly impressed with Sweetwater. Their flagship beer, the 420, is not one we enjoy or would really recommend, however their other IPAs were good. The Triple Tail in particular is a very good beer. We also enjoyed their pilsner and the sour beer and having had other one-off and special release beers from Sweetwater we do think they are doing a good job with special releases and sours. Sweetwater is solid and should be easily accessible, but we recommend staying within their IPA and sour program and avoiding the 420.

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