Episode 14: Dogfish Head Brewing

Dogfish Head Brewing

Tasting Notes from Dogfish Head Brewery

SeaQuench Ale

This blend of three beers (kolsch, gose, and berliner weisse) and other flavors has a very sour nose, but is not overly salty or sour on the taste. This is only slightly tart with very good lime flavors and is perfect for a hot day and is very refreshing.

Dragons and YumYums

Lovely pink color with a tart nose with fruit notes. Not as tart as expected with a a lot of good fruit flavors. The carrot juice adds to the mouthfeel, but does not impact the overall flavor. The carrot balances the fruits like a malt without the malty sweetness, but does not taste like a traditional pale ale.

Mixed Media

This styleless beer is a wine/beer mashup has a belgian yeast nose like a farmhouse ale. The flavor is more of a spicy white wine with a slight farmhouse ale flavor right up front, which is quickly covered by a peppery viognier flavor. This is an interesting beer, and is not really beholden to any one style.

Pennsylvania Tuxedo

This “pale” ale is very dark in color very high in alcohol for a pale ale. The nose is 100% fresh-cut spruce and very woody. The flavor is also heavy grass, spruce, and conifer flavors. If you like conifer flavors you will love this beer and it is worth a try, but do not expect a standard pale ale.

60 minute IPA

A slight dankness on the nose leads to a nice citrusy flavor with hints of dankness on the backend. The continuous hopping makes it stand out in the crowded IPA market and we did find it to be a solid IPA.

Midas Touch Ancient Ale

Golden in color, this wine/mead/beer hybrid looks to be expected of beer that was born from King Midas’ tomb. The nose is a honey/grape blend as is the flavor. The backend does have a nice subtle biscuit backend, but it is very subtle. Nice sweet grapes and honey make for an interesting beer, but it is very sweet and should be shared amongst friends.

Wood Aged Bitches Brew

The nose is very roasty and smokey on this stout, almost like wood chips. The flavor of this beer morphs over time, shifting from a charred or smoked wood chips, to coffee, then finishes with a nice chocolate cleanser. The more we drink of this the flavors are morphing to be more oakey. This is a very complex beer and we know we missed some flavors, however it was extremely good.

Final Thoughts on Dogfish Head

Their beers challenge the conventional beliefs about what is beer and what beer styles are as they take extreme brewing to the limit. Their odd flavor and ingredient combinations lead to wholly unique beers that we enjoyed, even when unsure what flavors were coming through. This unique approach was both refreshing and exciting for us a beer drinkers. The beers are not “traditional” and their approach is so wild that a new craft beer drinker may have trouble learning about beer, but the end result is a great brew. We highly recommend Dogfish Head Brewing.

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