Episode 15: Terrapin Brewing

Terrapin Blog

Tasting Notes from Terrapin Brewery

Recreation Ale Session IPA

Good tropical fruit nose with a clean golden color. Not to bitter and the tropical fruits from the nose translate perfectly onto the palate. This is an excellent session beer for all day drinking with lovely fruit tones and mild bitterness.

Panama Krunkles IPA

Very strong pineapple nose with a some papaya notes mixed in. Very juicy beer with a mouthfeel more similar to a hazy IPA. The flavor is akin to pineapple juice mixed with papaya juice. This is a great introductory IPA that masks any bitterness with a fruit forward flavor.

Hi-5/Up-Hi IPA

Nice citrus nose with hints of orange. Not nearly as big of an aroma as the Panama Krunkles. Flavorwise, there are nice tones of tangerine and orange peel that balance well with some malt sweetness that keeps the beer from being too bitter or too sweet.

Hopsecutioner IPA

Terrapin’s 6-hop flagship beer, the nose is not overly hoppy, and one aroma does not shine through. This clean nose leads to a clean beer that was not as bitter as we expected. Nice balanced IPA with a good malt bill. We remember this beer being much harsher, however readily admit it is most likely our palates that have changed, not the beer.

Chopsecutioner Session IPA

This Atlanta Braves beer has a slight woody/oaky nose but overall the nose is very similar to the Hopsecutioner. We had differing opinions on this beer, but the wood flavor is not overly powerful and the beer itself is easy to drink.

Cumulus Lupulus Imperial IPA

Hazy, hoppy, and strong, this imperial IPA has a very bitter and astringent nose, one we would associate with a triple IPA, like the Sierra Nevada Hoptimum. It is fairly thick and coats your mouth. This was not nearly as bitter as expected and instead was more sweet than bitter. Some light tropical flavors and dank resin are the only flavors we discerned.

Wake ‘n’ Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout

If you like the smell of fresh oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and coffee, then you will love the smell of this beer. The flavor profile is just like the nose with rich coffee tones balanced with oatmeal and chocolate sweetness, and a nice little dark fruit tang on the backend. Be wary of this beer because it is so high in alcohol, but it is one of our absolute favorites.

Final Thoughts on Terrapin

Terrapin makes some excellent beer, and even though they are no longer an independent craft brewery the quality and creativity have not truly changed. We highly recommend trying their beer as most of the ones we have tasted are both approachable and high quality. The Rec Ale, Wake ‘n’ Bake, and Panama Krunkles were some of our favorites from this episode.

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