Episode 17: Ballast Point

Ballast Point_Blog

Tasting Notes from Ballast Point Brewery

Dead Ringer – Marzen/Oktoberfest

Good caramel color, light clean nose, and malty flavor. A pretty standard marzen lager with a hint of backend bitterness. There are better marzen’s even though this is an ok example of the style.

Homework Series Batch 7 – Session Saison

Smells like a standard saison based on the yeast used with a slight sour note. Unique flavor with a nice peppery flavor from the rye and sweetness from the wheat. Very good saison beer that is different compared to other saisons we have had.

Mango Even Keel – Session IPA

Once you crack one open you smell fresh mangos, and that nose stays with you. The flavor is strong mango flavors that give way to fresh savory herbs and a lemony backend that is extremely refreshing. This was a delightful session IPA.

Fathom IPA

A malty sweet nose that reminds Andrew of Tang (it’s a kick in a glass). This beer is extremely malt forward and is much sweeter than we would expect from an IPA. With such light malts, this IPA tastes more like a marzen than IPA.

Sculpin IPA

The nose was fairly piney with notes of stone fruit, specifically apricots and peaches. The beer itself was bitter, in the vain of a typical American IPA. The flavors are also more pine and stone fruit, giving a heft to the mouthfeel, but not a lot of robust flavor. All in all, this is a standard if uninspired West Coast IPA.

Grapefruit Sculpin IPA

This is the beer for grapefruit lovers. The nose is heavy citrus, specifically grapefruit, and this carries over to the flavor. Best described as grapefruit juice, this beer is slightly bitter and tangy, with a lovely grapefruit finish. Our preferred Sculpin.

Final Thoughts on Ballast Point

Sadly, the creative elements have left the company and we are genuinely nervous that Ballast Point will not be creating new beers moving forward. Their current portfolio is fine, and while we would recommend the Grapefruit Sculpin, nothing is particularly noteworthy. As more and more regional breweries are bought out, this is an end result that may become the new normal. Give Ballast Point a try, but do not expect it to be the best beer you have ever had.

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