Episode 18: Sam Adams

Sam Adams_Blog

Tasting Notes from Boston Beer Company/Sam Adams


Smells like we expected a Marzen to smell, with subtle notes and a slight hoppiness. The beer itself has a nice smooth flavor with a nice subtle caramel backend. This is a very good, and easy to get, Marzen that tastes like a bigger body Boston Lager.

Boston Lager

The German hops added give this beer a lovely hoppy nose that we were not expecting, with floral and herb notes. Excellent Vienna Lager with a nice spiciness to it. Easy to find and easy to drink.

Spruce Lager

For all the spruce hype, the nose is not spruce heavy, and we smelled more standard lager notes on this clean nose. There is spruce in the flavor, however do not expect the same level of pop as the Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo.

Black Lager

The nose has wonderful roasted coffee tones with just a hint of cocoa. Coffee really steals the show for this Schwarzbier, with slight hints of chocolate on the backend. This is a fairly thick Schwarzbier as well. If you enjoy black coffee you will enjoy this lager.

Coffee Pale Ale

Latte aromas meet you at the top of the glass with this beer. Heavy coffee smells, similar to a light version of the Founder’s Sumatra Brown Ale. The sweetness in this beer does lend itself to taste like coffee ice cream, and we really enjoyed this beer.

Pumpkin Ale

If the smell of a fresh pumpkin pie is your idea of fall, then this is a perfect fall beer for you. Aromas of allspice, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg waft off this beer in droves. The beer itself is very sweet and tastes like liquid pumpkin pie, and the individual flavors mimic the nose with a touch of ginger heat.

Final Thoughts on Sam Adams

The corporate structure of Boston Beer Company is extremely impressive, as is the size of Sam Adams. We recommend grabbing a seasonal mix pack and cracking open a few Sam Adams beers, as most of their beers are good and the sheer variety of beer means you can always find one you can enjoy.

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