Episode 19: Pumpkin Beer

Pumpkin BlogRogue Pumpkin Patch Ale

Rogue’s whole pumpkin ale has a nice spice to it. There is a good cinnamon, clove, vanilla, nose and all these flavors are on the palate as well, but mostly on the backend. The finish is a touch odd with a dry spice feel that dries out the mouth.

Shipyard Pumpkinhead

This wheat pumpkin ale has the nose of a wheat ale with a light color and effervescent pumpkin ale. Allspice, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and pumpkin flavor all come through creating a nicely balanced pumpkin ale that we enjoyed.

Foothills Pumpkin Ale

More pumpkin spice notes than the Shipyard pumpkin on the nose. Has a relatively clean flavor but has the same spicy backend as the Rogue pumpkin. The flavor profile is very similar to the Rogue.

Southern Tier Pumking

High alcohol imperial pumpkin ale with a lovely color and a buttery crust nose that reminds us of shortbread and vanilla. The buttery crust nose continues on the palate with a cloying sweetness that we did not enjoy. The pumpkin flavors themselves are very muted, leaving us wanting.

Elysian Dark Knife

The nose has a very slightly coffee bitterness, and is a very mild schwarzbier aroma. The pumpkin flavors are not really there with this beer. It tastes almost exclusively like a schwarzbier with no pumpkin flavors.

Elysian Punkuccino

The aroma is a spot on pumpkin cappuccino or latte with a nice sweet aroma with spices and coffee. Just like the Dark Knife, we could not find the pumpkin flavor, but the beer itself is excellent with good coffee and lactose flavors. The sweetness is balanced with the coffee bitterness, all in all this is a good coffee stout.

New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin

This beer has a nice spicy nose with habanero and cinnamon aromas. There is a good cinnamon and pumpkin flavors upfront, but the backend is a bit spicy due to the habanero. Our thoughts on this beer differ with Andrew not being very keen on this beer.

Final Thoughts on Pumpkin Beer

These are a good seasonal treat, that have become very pumpkin spice forward. This is a style we like trying as the variety is very broad for a single style, but is not one of our favorite styles overall. Because the style is so broad we recommend buying singles and trying a bunch of new things. Our favorites of the evening: Shipyard for a true pumpkin ale, but we both thought the Elysian Punkuccino was the best beer we had, even though there was no pumpkin flavor.

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