Episode 20: Lagunitas

Lag Blog post

Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale

The nose is very light with a touch of wheat ale tones and slight lemony hops. Nice citrusy wheat ale with good body and pale color. Dangerously smooth, this is a beer that would sneak up on you if you drank multiples of them.


A fairly mild nose, but a bit more citrus than the Little Sumpin and a touch of malt sweetness. The color is more Berliner Weiss with a touch of cloudiness. There is some citrus to this beer, but not a lot and the flavor is very muted. Everything is so subtle, that the beer lacks a real character.


Much more malty nose with a slight breadyness to it compared to the Day Time, but like the other two, this had a mild aroma in general. More pine and floral tones with a touch of bitterness on the backend round out this IPAs flavor.

IPA Maximus

This beer has a very strong nose, which is not really a good thing as it is a bit like nail polish and pine. This beer is heavy on the pine but little floral or citrus to balance out the pine and there is little that is subtle about this beer. The flavor is quite astringent and reminded us of Hoptimum from Sierra Nevada.

Hop Stoopid

The aroma of this beer is similar to the Maximus, but the flavor could not be more different. More fruit flavors in this beer, like dried tropical fruit, gives this beer a better all around flavor and mouthfeel than the Maximus. The pine plays well with the papaya and mango and makes it quite easy to drink, like a boozy Triple Tail from Sweetwater.


The nose is a bit fruity like dried tropical fruit such as papaya. Flavorwise, this beer has a touch of pine which plays well with the grapefruit and papaya. As you drink a Sucks, the tropical fruit will be the first flavor you taste, but will transition to pine, and finish with grapefruit pith on the backend.

Brown Shugga

The nose is reminiscent of a Belgian strong ale, but is more sweet than we would expect. This beer is sweet and boozy. You know when you drink it that it is high in alcohol and has a lot of sugary sweetness.

Final Thoughts on Lagunitas and our Beers of the Night

While not a brewery we go out of our way to buy, it was good beer, except for the Maximus, and we would encourage folks to try them. The IPAs are clearly their go to style and the fact that they are owned by Heineken makes them readily available. The Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ was a nice surprise and all in all the beers were good. Andrew’s beer of the night was the Sucks and Travis’ was the Hop Stoopid.

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