Episode 21: Yuengling


Golden Pilsner

A little hoppy for a pilsner, but is very close to their regular lager in both smell and aroma. It is a bit lighter color and does not remind us of any of the pilsners we have profiled before.


Heavy caramel nose, for a Marzen style lager, with a touch of sweetness. The flavor clearly has roasted malts, but the caramel from the nose does not translate onto the palate, however the sweetness does, making this beer a bit sweet without much body, however we did think this reminded us of a pumpkin beer.

Traditional Lager

The nose is slightly skunky, think Heineken, but otherwise is a Vienna lager aroma. The flavor is also a more standard flavor we would find in a Vienna lager, with a slight skunk to it. As an aside, the beer we drank was in the green bottle, the can Yuengling has a slightly less skunky aroma and flavor.

Light Lager

The aroma is nearly identical to the pilsner, but is more or less the regular Yuengling sans skunky aroma. The flavor is like a watered-down non-skunked version of the Yuengling lager.

Black & Tan

Much darker color than the other beers and has a robust coffee nose. Unfortunately it is a lot thinner than we were expecting. It has a bit of bready-ness to it, but really it is a porter lite, with thin coffee flavor and an odd malt mixture that leaves us wanting more robustness.

Final Thoughts on Yuengling and our Beers of the Night

This is beer, plain and simple. It is your grandfather’s lager and the lack of variety really hurts them. As the beer is cheap (for East Coast dwellers), then we would recommend giving it a try, but do not expect your life to be changed by Yuengling. Our beer of the night comes as a shocker, in that we both agreed on the pilsner, despite Andrew’s general disdain for the style.

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