Episode 22: Green Man Brewing



The aroma of this beer is simple college beer, or what you think of when you had cheap beers in college, specifically American Lager style beers. Flavor wise, this reminded us of Coors Banquet and definitely seems like a high-end college beer, similar but inferior to, the Zambrueni from Brueprint.


The nose does contain a roasty slightly nutty and caramel aroma. The flavor is a bit meatier than expected with strong nut tones, such as walnuts and almonds. There is a very faint bitter chocolate flavor backed in.


There is a significantly more floral nose, like orange blossoms, than we were expecting as English IPAs tend to be very malty on the nose, and it was very bright and light. The beer itself has a slightly bitter front end, with a bright citrusy middle, followed by a delicate hop bitterness on the backend. Not really an English IPA, but really good.


Aroma wise this beer is roasty with hints of chocolate and a slight smokeyness to it that we were not expecting. However, the baker’s chocolate and bitter coffee flavors dominate on the tongue with slight hints of green pepper.

The Dweller

Coffee, coffee, and oak barrel are the aromas of this beer. The barrel smell is not like a bourbon barrel, but instead more of a sweet irish whiskey. This beer is extremely coffee forward and has good oak tones with a hint of booze and chocolate in the flavor.

Whiskey Sour

As long as you like lemons you will love this beer. It smells like lemon juice (with a slight honey aroma) from the top and this aroma translates onto the palate as well. A bit sweeter than expected, however it is extremely lemon forward and whiskey sour mix, with a touch of char to it.

Final Thought and Beer of the Night for Green Man Brewing

We enjoyed everything (except the Whiskey Sour) and truly respect Green Man’s dedication to sustainability. If you are in Asheville, swing by the Green Mansion, and buy some Green Man if it is distributed to your area. While we loved the ESB, our beer of the night is the Dweller, but you cannot go wrong with any of the porter, IPA, ESB, or Dweller.

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