Episode 23: Prairie Artisan Ales

Prairie Photo


Slight lime and spice nose leads this beer with a good clean spiciness to the flavor as well. This beer is slightly funky, with a good farmhouse funk and is slightly yeasty and quite bright with a slight peppery finish.

Ape Snake

The first thing you notice with this beer is the dark color and brown head. The aroma is fairly funky but has an odd characteristic to it. This beer itself is odd in the color, taste, and smell with lemon and Brett fighting on the nose and on the tongue and a chalky aftertaste. This was a hard pass for Travis and not a particularly good beer in our opinions.

Funky Gold Simcoe

A much funkier aroma than the Ape Snake, with clear notes of Brett and hints of lime. This tastes more like a standard sour than the Ape Snake, while maintaining a lot of the funky qualities from the Standard. The hop itself lends some herb notes such as thyme and rosemary to the beer.

Birthday Bomb

Strong coffee and chili nose with hints of chocolate and vanilla. Travis was able to pick up on the caramel using a beer sniffing technique he had heard about. Flavor wise, this beer is all about the caramel and chocolate, with hints of chilis and coffee. Andrew did not pick up any chili flavor, but the backend had a touch of chili heat.

Final Thoughts and Beer of the Night

Prairie has an excellent stout program, but the farmhouse and saison program is not our favorite. This is a niche brewery with few true styles, but a ton of variants on each of these. However we did find some fault with a solid half of their offering and while we highly recommend the stouts, the saisons and farmhouses are nowhere near our favorites. Our beer of the night was unquestionably the Birthday Bomb, with the Funky Gold Simcoe and Standard also being good beers. Ape Snake is a hard pass from Travis, and is not one of Andrew’s favorites.

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