Year End Review Part 1


We cover some brews we missed from our local breweries, Highlands, Foothills, Unknown, and Brueprint.

Highlands Imperium Imperial Stout

Good stout head with a nice cocoa color that lingers along the glass edge goes great with this black as night beer. Robust coffee tones on the nose with some lingering coconut tones make the aroma of this beer. Flavor-wise all of the flavors, vanilla, coconut, coffee, come through with the coffee flavors providing a nice finish and body.

Foothills Seeing Double IPA

This big, bold imperial IPA has a heavy citrus nose, mostly orange peel and grapefruit, with a touch of pine resin for good measure. The citrus does not fully translate into the flavor but the pine does, and there is a touch of pineapple to this beer. Unlike many imperial IPAs we have tasted, the Seeing Double is not particularly sweet and lacks the cloying mouthfeel.

Foothills BBA People’s Porter

Heavy toffee nose on this porter and not particularly boozy on the nose either. The flavor though is almost pure neat bourbon. The Buffalo Trace flavors overpower any flavors of the people’s porter, making this beer a very good bourbon porter, but sadly lacking any of what makes the people’s porter good. It is still a good beer, just not what we were expecting.

Unknown Pew Pew Pew

Not overly hoppy or sour nose, with a touch of funk and oak in the aroma. Nice sour front end with a clean finish, more like a farmhouse than a true sour. If you are looking to try sours this is a good first sour.

Brueprint Brewing Imperial Sour IPA

The aroma is mostly lemon and melon, with very few pine or grapefruit tones. This starts out very tart and lemony with a fairly good sweetness to balance out the sour from the lemon. This hopped sour ale is very good and reminds us of a lemonhead candy.

Brueprint Cab Sauv Barrel Aged Edinbrue

The nose is heavy red wine and fig, with a touch of black currants. The fig and currants continue on the palate, giving heavy fruit notes and mostly masking the Edinbrue’s natural flavors. The barrel aging seems to impart more jammy-wine flavors and smells compared to oak or barrel flavors. Like the BBA People’s Porter, the beer is lost in the flavors of the barrel.

Beer of the Tasting

Travis’s vote was split between the Imperium and the Cab Sauv Edinbrue, whereas Andrew was partial to the Imperium and the BBA People’s Porter. Pew Pew Pew was our least favorite by far.


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