Year End Review Part 2


We cover some rare (and heavy) beers from Oskar Blues, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, and Founders brewing!

Oskar Blues Ten-Fidy

This pitch black beer pours like motor oil, but has a roasty chocolate nose. The flavor is bitter coffee and bitter chocolate with nice caramel tones as well. This beer is very boozy, but the flaked oat provides a nice rounded finish to prevent the Ten-Fidy from being too boozy and sharp.

Sierra Nevada Trip in the Woods Maple Scotch Ale

There is no question this beer is maple syrup based, as the nose let’s you know right off the bat with a touch of scotch ale tones. The flavor starts out with earthy scotch ale tones, but transitions to maple syrup sweetness. This beer is perfect for the fall and winter months as not being too heavy, but boozy enough that it could sneak up on you.

New Belgium Oakspire

Rye bread notes flood out of the glass on the nose. Flavorwise, the bourbon is muted, but the strong ale flavor is very forward with oak tones including vanilla, and lacking a standard rye ale’s peppery quality. This beer is not particularly boozy tasting, and is very unique compared to other bourbon barrel aged beers.

Founders Backwoods Bastard

Big, boozy, nose with oak, vanilla, and bourbon tones. Spiced well with nice baking spices throughout the flavor and a liquor heat finish, this beer is more scotch than bourbon with hints of dark fruit. This is a good fire pit sipping beer that will not sneak up on you.

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS)

The nose is heavy coffee with notes of chocolate, creating more of a mocha feel. It is everything you love about the regular Founders Breakfast Stout, but now with more flavor! Lots of coffee and bitter dark chocolate mix well with the vanilla from the bourbon.

Founders Better Half

Very maple syrup nose, you know you need some pancakes with this beer that actually looks like maple syrup. Booze and maple syrup are the predominant flavors, and this beer may need to sit for a year or so before it starts to mellow out. This beer works well with the barrel they aged it in and is a very unique experience.

Beer of the Tasting

All of these heavy beers were really good and really well made with Unique flavors. Travis’ preferred beers were the KBS and Trip in the Woods while Andrew preferred the Oakspire from New Belgium. Listen, like and subscribe to the Brew News Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher, or whichever Podcatcher you enjoy! The Brew News Podcast is listener supported and you can join the Brew News Crew on Anchor or on Patreon.


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