Tasting from Four Saints Part 1 and 2

Our full tasting from Four Saints with new and old style cans!

Tasting Notes from Four Saints

Yoga Pants Latte

This beer is spicy in the best since! Pumpkin spices on the nose and the palate truly make this beer a pumpkin spiced latte dark ale. Vanilla, baking spices and coffee are all on the nose. Heavy pumpkin with clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and all-spice flavors abound in this easy to drink pumpkin latte. Unlike many pumpkin beers, this one finishes cleanly and is a new favorite.

Stout One

Heavy smoke nose with some vanilla and whiskey tones, similar to a smoked sausage or scotch. This is not a sweet stout, but it still retains flavors of smoke, chocolate, and a touch of whiskey, vanilla, and charred meat. Perfect beer for a grilled steak.

Things get a little heavier and darker with part 2!

Impending Grace

Faint honey on the nose with some smoke and dark cocoa notes as well gives this pitch black stout some excellent aromas. This stout has a bit bolder flavor profile compared to the Stout One, with smoke still being a part of the palate.

BBA Impending Grace

More subtle than some bourbon barrel aged stouts, the barrel aging seems to have removed the smoked notes on the aroma and replaced them with some bourbon tones. The bourbon really shines through on the tongue, giving strong bourbon flavors without losing the stout tones. The bourbon does thin this beer out though, in a manner we thought odd, but tasty.

Final Thoughts on Four Saints Brewing

We really like Four Saints.We love their beer, their commitment to their community, and their willingness to talk to us. Our only regret is that we do not live closer to the brewery! Their beer is excellent and we cannot recommend this brewery enough if you find yourself in Asheboro, NC visiting the NC Zoo, or just cruising looking for breweries!

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