Stone Brewing

Stone Brewing
Don’t fear the Gargoyle, Drink the Gargoyle!

Tasting Notes from Stone Brewing

Tropic Thunder Lager

The pineapple and coconut hit you first on the nose, making you think this will be an ale. The beer itself has a lovely breadyness that balances the fruit well, and is a very refreshing beer.


A piney and slightly dank nose, this beer smells like one would expect a West-Coast Style IPA to smell. Flavorwise, everything you expect from the style, bitter and piney, with a touch of dankness. A great example of the style.

Delicious IPA

The lemon-drop hop does not disappoint as this beer gives a lovely fresh lemon and hop spice aroma right off the top. Starting off like lemon candy, this beer finishes with lemon pith, giving that burst of lemon bitterness to help it stay so delicious. We really enjoyed this standard from Stone.

Scorpion Bowl IPA

This cocktail-inspired IPA has a lovely tropical fruit nose and it is very fruity on the nose. Juicier than we expected, with a lot of tropical fruit flavors especially pineapple. The pineapple really hangs around on the backend of the taste.

Arrogant Bastard Ale

This beer is not supposed to be enjoyed (per the label) as it is overly hopped to the extreme! Amber in color, but a slight astringent aroma, belies this beer. The pallet is not as heavy as the beer label implies, with notes of caramel and citrus that help to offset the bitterness. This is a beer everyone should try for the historical style.


The cinnamon and nutmeg blend well with the pepper spice to create a delightful nose. Flavors of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, and chili are all there and easy to pick up and are perfectly balanced. A formerly rare beer, the Xocovesa is a delight to have and should be easy to get a hold of regardless of where you live!

Final Thoughts on Stone and Beer of the Night

Our beer of the evening was the Xocovesa, but everything we had was excellent. Our preferred order:

  1. Xocovesa
  2. Delicious
  3. Tropic Thunder
  4. Scorpion Bowl
  5. IPA
  6. Arrogant Bastard

Stone is a very IPA heavy brewery, and is fairly ubiquitous. It is definitely a great brewery with no bad beers to be had. We would highly recommend finding some Stone beer at your local store or bar!

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