Weeping Radish

Weeping Radish.jpg

Tasting Notes from Weeping Radish

Pinked Lemonade OBX

Nice lovely lemonade aroma and flavor. This beer is a really good Kolsch-style shandy and great all-day beer for those hot beach days.

Bitter Bee

A very thick foamy beer with aroma of honey and piney goodness. The flavor also has a lovely west-coast pale ale floral and orange flavors with hints of honey. This beer has a much greater bitterness on the pallet than expected from the IBUs.

Black Radish

Roasty chocolate and coffee on the nose were excellent primers for this Schwarzbier. Unfortunately the flavors do not match the heavenly aroma. A faint background of coffee, but mostly dark fruits and bell peppers dominate on the tongue. We were rather disappointed with this beer as we mostly tasted grape.

Christmas Bier

Very clean nose with mostly malt and lager tones. Like the Schwarzbier, this Dobblebock also tasted of purple grapes much to our chagrin. We got some basic lager and breadiness on the frontend and a touch of caramel on the backend, but the grape flavors overpowered nearly everything, and not in a good way.

Final Thoughts on Weeping Radish

We were amazingly disappointed in both lagers, however we think there may have been an infection or something off in the process, as both had the same grape flavoring. Both ales were excellent and we can say for certain we would drink another of Uli’s kolsch or pale ales again. We would definitely be willing to try more lagers from Weeping Radish, however we were not fans of the cans we had. But we really want to get hold of house made Wurst!

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