The Duck Rabbit Brewery

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Tasting Notes

Amber Ale

Wonderfully caramel nose really brings you in. This very flavorful ale has fruit tones and caramel mixed together to create a delightfully bright amber ale that we really enjoyed!

Milk Stout

The flagship for Duck Rabbit, this dark and heavy stout is a very well-balanced milk stout that does the style proud. A touch of coffee and sweetness on the nose belies the thick mouthfeel and sweetness of this stout.

Duck-Rabbator Dopplebock

A loaf of bread inspired dobblebock, has aromas of spent grain from the brewing process. This beer seems to be more dark fruit than bread, with a very deep flavor that reminded us of the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, but even better. At its 8.5% ABV, it will sneak up on you!

Baltic Porter

The nose of this beer definitely has booze and barrel. The alcohol heat does not linger around the pallet too much with more fruit tones than expected. This is surprisingly well balanced and warms not only the tongue, but the body and soul.

Rabid Duck Imperial Stout

This beer has a huge hop presence right off the bat. If we didn’t know better we would have thought we had a black IPA with hints of roasted malt, citrus, and floral tones. Flavorwise we got a lot of lemon peel and it does not taste as heavy as it is. If you like hops and stouts, this is a good beer to have, but the more standard stout flavors seem to be lacking. A truly unique take on an Imperial Stout.

Final Thoughts on The Duck Rabbit

Duck Rabbit really understand dark beers, but it was their Amber Ale that really took the show for us. This was one of our very amber ales of all time. Travis enjoyed the Baltic Porter and Amber Ale the most. All of the beers were very good and unique. We will definitely be revisiting them later this year and would highly recommend you do the same!

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