Cinco de Mayo!

Tasting Notes from Cinco de Mayo

Corona Premier

Corona’s response to Michelob Ultra with a low carb beer. Pilsner based brew with a light color and light flavor. Corn aroma but tastes of watered down Corona. If you like watered down Corona, this is the beer for you!

Sol Beer

Bright nose, much like a Vienna lager with a slight citrus note. Very much a lager with a touch of breadiness to it and no corn flavor. This beer is a very good lager that goes well with most any food.

Victoria Lager

A touch of citrus on the nose, but overall a very weak nose with a light straw color. This is a style-bending brew with a touch of pilsner sweetness balanced with lager caramel flavor is a wonderful example of this style.

Dos Equis Lager Especial

Slightly citrus nose, like the Sol and Victoria brews before. This Bohemian inspired lager is stylistically very similar to earlier beers, and it may be your favorite, but not ours.

Modelo Negra

Lovely brown color with a nose of a standard Dunkel beer. It has a nice caramel complexity to it with a touch of coffee and chocolate and a great finish. This is a good version of the style.

Final Thoughts on Mexican Beer and our Recommendation for Celebration!

For a nice Cinco de Mayo we would recommend you party with Victoria if you are looking for a lighter brew. This style is very much like Bohemian style lagers and is a good style if you like a touch of citrus and some heavy malt bill.

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