Chicago Brew Tour

Maximo 1
Maximo was a good drinking buddy
Sue 1
But not as good as SUE

We had some great beers from Haymarket, Goose Island, and Cruz Blanca, but these weren’t our only brews!

Tasting Notes from Moody Tongue

Smoked Applewood Gold

Very light nose with little discernible aromas. The flavor builds with this beer and each sip adds more to the profile. Light apple flavors upfront and some delightful smoke tones in the middle and on the backend create a lovely brew.

Sliced Nectarine IPA

A fluffy headed beer leads to a fruity nectarine aroma. The chinook and fruits balance well with stone fruit being the primary flavors. This beer is extremely smooth, subtle, and easy to drink for a more traditional IPA.

Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison

Light and subtle lemon nose invite you to drink this beer. Lovely lemon flavors of this beer work very well with any lemon cookie, especially Girl Scout Lemonades. No bitterness, but a well balanced Lemon Saison perfect for a meal or hot summer day.

Final Thoughts on Chicago Breweries

Laura’s favorite of the Moody Tongue was the IPA while Andrew’s favorite was the Saison. We highly recommend visiting Chicago and visiting the breweries. Andrew Highly recommends Cruz Blanca and Laura recommends Haymarket, but really you cannot go wrong!

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