Cigar City Brewing


Tasting Notes from Cigar City Brewing

Florida Cracker Belgian-Style White Ale

This clear white ale has aromas of coriander and notes of citrus on the tongue. While Cigar City claims this beer is hazy, ours was completely clear. Both Travis and Andrew enjoyed the Belgian yeast tones, and Travis was able to get a touch of bubblegum in the flavor. All in all this is a very easy drinking white ale that we think is a good craft beer introduction.

Guayabera Citra Pale Ale

Named after a very unique/hideous shirt, this beer tastes much better than a Guayabera shirt looks. Lovely nose with a heavy dose of tangerine and some lime. A very bitter pale ale with a touch of breadyness on the backend. We really enjoyed this beer as it was not too bitter but perfectly well balanced.

Tocobaga Red IPA

Nice red color with a heavy nose of crusty multigrain bread and caramel. On the tongue we detected a touch of astringency, pine, and a little bit of blueberry in addition to the bread profile from the malt.

Jai Alai IPA

Pronounced “Hi-Li”, this IPA is Cigar City’s flagship beer and has a very busy hop bill using 6 different hops. Lot of orange and caramel on the nose. This is a good drinking IPA with a slight maltiness and wonderful flavor blend without one strong flavor note beyond some citrus. If you like a good hop bill without one strong characteristic that takes over your palate.

White Oak Jai Alai Oak Aged IPA

Smells very similar to the standard Jai Alai, but with additional notes of oak. The oak imparts a silkier mouthfeel than traditional Jai Alai, more like a buttery chardonnay. We did pick up notes of vanilla and only the slightest bit of dill. The hops balance out the oak tannins well, but this does not taste like traditional Jai Alai to the point that in a blind tasting you would not be able to tell they are the same base. We think this would go well with a spicy fish curry.

Final Thoughts on Cigar City

We liked everything we had from Cigar City. We both enjoyed the Guayabera and the Florida Cracker was surprisingly enjoyable. Andrew of course likes the oak aged Jai Alai and the standard Jai Alai is Travis’ go to from Cigar City. All in all, we highly recommend Cigar City and you should definitely go out and get some!

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