Vermont Beers: A History

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Tasting Notes from Vermonts Beers

Lawson’s Finest Liquids – The Space In Between APA

Odd green color, with an aroma of citrus, pine, and grass. Lots of flavoring hops here give this beer a very robust flavor of citrus and grass. A touch of grapefruit peel on the backend gives this beer a delightful finish.

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery – Conehead IPA

Very citrus all around, this all citra session IPA is very unique in the flavors, some orange, lemon, and grapefruit abound in this beer. A light bodied beer that you can drink all day long if you wanted too!

Lawson’s Finest Liquids – Sip of Sunshine Imperial NE IPA

Lawson’s flagship beer and one of the most famous beers in the state of Vermont. This is one of the standards of the style. The nose is more bitter than expected with a lot of tropical fruit and resin in the aroma. Big flavors with a soft mouthfeel, this beer is very good and a nice twist on the NE IPA style compared to the juice bombs.

Frost Beer Works – West Coast Style Double IPA

This is a true west coast style DIPA. An unfiltered darker IPA, mostly orange in color compared to the other IPAs we have had. This has a big west coast dank aroma and flavor. Pretty astringent and some sweetness, this beer will not slip up on you. This beer looks east coast but tastes west coast.

Burlington Beer Company – Floating Wonder Gose

A crazy gose with a bunch of fruit flavors and vanilla all mixed together. The nose has vanilla and a nice salty tartness. The cherry flavor is hidden, but the other fruit flavors come through great and balance with the vanilla to make this beer taste like a melted fruit milkshake. This is a true dessert beer.

Final Thoughts on Vermont Beers

Travis preferred the Floating Wonder, followed by the Sip of Sunshine, Conehead, Space in Between, and the West Coast DIPA in that order. Andrew’s order was Floating Wonder, Space in Between, Conehead, Sip of Sunshine, and finally the West Coast DIPA. Vermont beers are fun and very hop forward. A little sweeter and always unfiltered, these beers are great and you should try and find some at your local bottle shop!

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