Bells Brewing


Tasting Notes from Bells Brewing

Oberon American Wheat Ale

A very popular summer beer, this is a very good example of the style. Notes of orange and clove spice on the nose. A very good summer ale that checks all the boxes, refreshing, light, and fruity. A more subtle hefeweizen is a good way to look at it.

Official Hazy IPA

A lot of peach and stone fruit on the nose with hints of grapefruit. This slightly hazy IPA will not be confused with a New England IPA in appearance, aroma, or flavor. This beer has a ton of stone fruit and peach in the flavor as well and the wheat gives the mouthfeel a lovely body.

Best Brown Ale

This is a very standard brown ale with some nuttiness and caramel on the nose and palate. Very biscuity and almondly, this is a lovely fall beer. A nice brown color without the heavy body of a porter or stout. Andrew thought this beer tastes a lot like if Great Lakes Oktoberfest was made with ale yeast.

Two-Hearted IPA

Currently the #1 beer in America (as rated by Zymurgy magazine)! We tasted this West-Coast IPA along with Andrew’s homebrew version, and both look very similar. Slightly orange with a lot of pine and grapefruit on the nose from the Centennial hops. Bells has a nice citrus note on the backend that finishes clean, but this is a standard West-Coast IPA with good pine and grapefruit notes.

Expedition Stout

Very alcoholic, which we expected for a Russian Imperial Stout. Notes of cherry that is slightly medicinal and cocoa on the nose. The alcohol note is not on the palate as much, but the chocolate and cocoa is not very strong. More cherry cough syrup flavors, but we still enjoyed it.

Final Thoughts on Bells

Travis’ beer of the night was the Best Brown. Andrew was torn between the Best Brown and the Official. Either way, you cannot go wrong with anything from Bells! Bells makes good beer and we highly recommend anything from them, but they really shine in some of their seasonals.

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